A personal thought catalogue.

A Thought Catalogue

I used to have this terrible old website I’d made after watching a few YouTube tutorials. This was back in 6th grade during winter break; I had a lot more freetime then. The website had a space-y background I’d made in Paint, and at the top it had my name in shiny blue WordArt. I added a bunch of random stuff to it, like an obnoxious marquee banner and a log-in section at the top that was completely nonfunctional. The navigation menu was a drop-down list and there was this JavaScript snippet that would create a pop-up alert if you tried to right click on the page. Occasionally I’d make three sentence posts about whatever I was up to at the time: mostly building legos or playing in the snow. I guess 6th grade me didn’t have much to talk about, because I only updated it five times. After winter break was over, I forgot about it.

It’s winter again, five years later, and I remembered my old website. Despite how terribly designed it was, I still miss it. People don’t have Angelfire or Geocities websites anymore; it’s kind of too bad. Those sites may have been hideous, but they were made with love. Every detail, from the font size to the gaudy gifs were carefully chosen by the creator. Nowadays every social media profile has the same bland template. I’m sure the promise of easier and more efficient communication is important for the people who use these services, but it doesn’t really entice me. I guess I’ve never felt the daily mundanities of my life were interesting or important enough to broadcast in 140-character tweets.

Instead, what I’ve always wanted was my own little corner of the internet. Not completely hidden, but in a place only wandering souls would stumble upon. It would be more personal than Facebook or Twitter: it wouldn’t matter who I was, only what I had to say. There would no spellcheck, no flashy themes, no comment sections. It would just be a place to dump my musings. So I created this thought catalogue. Now that I think about it, “Thought catalogue” sounds a lot more grand than I meant it to, but I can’t be bothered to come up with a better descriptor.

I’ll try to update this site regularly; I think it’ll be nice to get my thoughts out. After all, if you let the bad ones fester in your mind, you’ll get depressed. Too much introspection can be destructive and all that.

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